The family of my grandpa Vis lived from the beginning of the 16th century (and maybe even earlier) in Haamstede on the island of Schouwen. From generation to generation they practised the profession of surgeon. One of them joined the VOC for some years as a ship's surgeon and traveled to Batavia.
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The ancestors of Stoffel Willem Vis (born Haamstede August 8, 1868). I am looking for further information on the following persons and there parents:

Of course other additional data and information will be appreciated!

The descendants of Lieven Vis, born Haamstede 1555, died 1605, married to Maaike Govers who died Haamstede 1611. They are the earliest ancestors of the Vis-family from Haamstede that I know of. 

The link Photo's brings you to the pages with pictures of members of the old (most 19th century) generations. For some of the pictures we need help to identify the persons. Please have a look before you leave this website! If you recognize somebody, don't hesitate to contact us. Also, we would be delighted to hear from you if you have some other pictures that could be of interest to us!

The link Bouman will bring you to the parentage of Simon Bouman, born Noordwelle 1813, died Haamstede 1908, married to Cornelia Speelman (1812-1891). Hij played a significant role in the history of the church of Haamstede. We would like to get into contact with his descendants, to exchange data.

Private is exclusively fort descendants of Marinus Adriaan Vis (*1820) & Neeltje van Damme (*1832). If this couple belongs to your ancestors, please continue and apply for a password to get access to this part of our website.

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