My Grandma Koolstra came from Dokkum, and her parents from Leeuwarden. On the next pages you will find:

The ancestors of Elizabeth Koolstra. One of her ancestors was Rigtje Jellema (Rauwerd 1785 - Leeuwarden 1841), who for the law was married to Jan Abes (Cooistra). But because this Jan was in prison most of the time, it has been proven that he can not have been the biological father of the children of Regtje. This marriage seems to have been just a nice way to get her children legalized. Later on she was married to Berend Josephus de Leeuw (born ca. 1790). For this reason the ancestors of Jan Abes Koolstra (and their descendants) are of little importance to our family. Instead we give the descendants of the oldest known ancestor of Rigtje Jellema, Gerrolt Heringa.

I am looking for more information on the following persons and their parents:

Other comments an information will also be appreciated.

The descendants of Tjepcke Aesghes (born ca. 1470), the earliest known ancestor of Rigtje Jellema, the legal wife of Jan Abes Koolstra, but who got her children from other men (among others: Beerend Josephus de Leeuw, born ca. 1790).

If you are a descendant of this Rigtje Jellema (Rauwerd 1785 - Leeuwarden 1841), would you please send me a message? I would like this part of the data to become as complete as possible. Maybe we'll be able to trace some old family pictures from the 19th or early 20th century, that also are of interest to others who have the same roots.

A special page is about thisRigtje Jellema, and tells everything we know about her, and the persons in her life. This page is only in Dutch. If someone volunteers to translate, that would be great! Some of the other family-names on that page: Akkerman, Bakker, Blank, Champenoy (!), Crans, Everaarts, Heimans, Huismans, van Lichten, Mes, Miedema, Nauta, Roef, Sikma (!), Smeding, Sminia , Smith, Sonnega, Versteegh, de Vries, Wieleman, Zinkelaar.

Also a first draft of the story of Jan Abes Cooistra. Here you will find some other family-names, like Jouwsma, Radema, Heslinga, Klap, Molenkamp, Buizinge, Meijer, Brik, Boonstra and Oudkerk.

The link Abe Fokkes takes you to a page with descendants of the father of Jan Abes Cooistra. There are still a lot of data missing.

One of her children, Rense, became the ancestor of the Koolstra-family. From the other children of Rigtje Jellema, two sons grew up and married: Jelle Jellema (father unknown) and Joseph Beerend de Leeuw (from her marriage with Beerend Josephus de Leeuw). The two links will show you the descendants of both sons; the data are still incomplete, so we hope some of you can help us with additional data.

In 1811, there was another men who choose the name Koolstra. That was Wiebren Pieters in Giekerk with his wife Geertje Berends Toonstra and three children: Berend (age 1,5), Pieter (age 4), and Janke (age 6). Later they moved to Rinsumageest. This family is not related to 'our' family Koolstra. We present descendants of Wiebren & Geertje under the link Rinsumageest.

The descendants of Janke Koolstra who was born Leeuwarden 1901, and died Grand Rapids 1980, and was married to Hein Nyp (1904-1982), are private. Only if you belong to her descendants, and want access to tyhose pages, please put in you request by following this link.

The link Photo's brings you to the pages with pictures of members of the old (most 19th century) generations. For some of the pictures we need help to identify the persons. Please have a look before you leave this website! If you recognize somebody, don't hesitate to contact us. Also, we would be delighted to hear from you if you have some other pictures that could be of interest to us!

Private is exclusively for descendants of Wybe Koolstra (*1840) & Nieske Bosch (*1841). If this couple belongs to your ancestors, please continue and apply for a password to get access to this part of our website.

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