The Breukelman-family is very extensive, particularly in the area of Hardenberg. The ancestors of my wife lived in Heemse. The origin of this family is a hamlet in Germany called Brockel; the exact location of this place is unsure. The original name of the family was zu Brockel, which later became Brockelman(n) / Breukelman. I am convinced that all the Breukelman's are somehow related to each other, and probably the Brockelman too. So, if you happen to be a Breukelman or Brockelman, please send me a note, to help me build a worldwide Breukelman family-tree! 
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First of all the transcription of a number of old charters from the 12th - 17th century, which mention the name of members of the Brockel-family. Several years ago (around 1970), an old Breukelman-relative (the late H. Breukelman at Hardenberg) did some research. Unfortunately, his findings are not accurately documented. The transcription of the chartres is from him. It is not always clear where the citations begin or end. I haven't had the opportunity to translate them into English or German. If someone wants to volunteer, please let me know!

Next the ancestors of Frederik Breukelman, 1884-1966, married to Gerritdina Veurink. To fill in the blanks, I am looking for further data on the following persons and their parents: 

Then follow the descendants of Jan Breukelman (Uelsen c.1675 - 1741). Additional information or corrections will be appreciated. 

Thoe Brockel gives you another Breukelman / Brockelman genealogy. Some people (i.e. the late H. Breukelman at Hardenberg) mention a connection with the genealogy of Frederik Breukelman, and assume incorrectly that Jan Brockelman (1728-1794) was born to Wilhelm Brockelman & Agnes Regensburg. But probably there is some connection between both family-trees. Therefore, alle information that you can provide on any of the persons mentioned in this tree, will be very much appreciated!

The link Photo's brings you to the pages with pictures of members of the old (most 19th century) generations. For some of the pictures we need help to identify the persons. Please have a look before you leave this website! If you recognize somebody, don't hesitate to contact us. Also, we would be delighted to hear from you if you have some other pictures that could be of interest to us!

Heraldry gives an insight in the coat of arms of the Breukelman-family.

Private is exclusively fort descendants of Gerrit Breukelman (*1857) & Annigjen Klingenberg (*1861). If this couple belongs to your ancestors, please continue and apply for a password to get access to this part of our website.

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