Around 1350 a wine-merchant from Esslingen (Germany) started a business in Dordrecht. This was the start of the Bezemer-family in the Netherlands. The branch from which my grandma descended lived in the area of Zwijndrecht. On the next pages you will find:

First 21 generations of the ancestors of Anna Bezemer (*1864). One of her ancestors was Aernt Jacobsz Worre (*ca. 1353). The data on his ascestors in this file go back into the 12th century, bur are not verified. Please be aware that there is doubt about the descent of Aernt Jacobs Worre from Unach van Nadelwich (*ca. 1100). We have decided to mention those old unverified generations anyway, hoping that someone out there may have more data and can help to get more certainty. Therefore, if you have any data on one of those persons, please contact us!

We are looking also for more information on the following persons and their parents:

Other additional information will also be appreciated. 

Next the descendants of Johan Besemer, the earliest Bezemer-ancestor known to me. His son came in 1355 from Esslingen, Germany, to Dordrecht as a wine-merchant. 

Next you can look at an old photo album, that belonged to my grandparents Groen-Bezemer. Unfortunately they did not write down the name of the persons shown. Until now we were able to identify persons on 6 photo's. Alle the others are still unknown. It is even not sure whether those people are related or not; hope they are! Maybe one day someone will recognize a picture, because he/she has another copy of it. Or maybe someone will show up who has a picture of the same person. Wouldn't that be nice?! It is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but who knows!

The link Photo's brings you to the pages with pictures of members of the old (most 19th century) generations. For some of the pictures we need help to identify the persons. Please have a look before you leave this website! If you recognize somebody, don't hesitate to contact us. Also, we would be delighted to hear from you if you have some other pictures that could be of interest to us!

Private is exclusively fort descendants of Jacob Bezemer (*1819) & 1) Maria de Klerk (*1823), 2) Maria Punt (*1837). If one of those couples belongs to your ancestors, please continue and apply for a password to get access to this part of our website.

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